Virtual Office

Every successful business needs an office! Your's virtual office is where you work, handle your official business, update your company and product information, and manage your Favorites. Free register to be our member, and you will have your own Virtual Office.  
1. Short Message Centre
The Short Message Center works like an e-mail inbox. All your messages from or other members are delivered and stored in your message center inbox. You may use the message center to read, reply to, or delete your messages. Messages that you send to other users are also saved in the Sent Items folder, making it easy for you to keep track of suppliers/buyers that you can contacted.
2. Inquire Info
If you are interested in some product or offer, you can post inquire info by clicking Contact Now, and that will be stored in Inquire Info, and when you enter into virtue office you can view it or delete it.
3. Member Info
Here you can add and edit your company information. Only when your company information has been validated by us successfully, your other information may be published. Besides, you can edit your personal information in Contact Person Info.
4. My Favorites
You can add information you are interested in such as products, offers, companies, etc) to your Favorites for viewing at a later date. By this way you can view your saved information in your Favorites without having to browse or search for it again. You may delete any information in your Favorites at any time.
5. Buying Info
Buying Info contains the information of buying. You can post a new buying offer, manage the buying offer or delete them. It is easy and safe for you to manage your online business.   
6. My Showroom
My Showroom is a free service that provides to Chinese Suppliers. Here you can display your company and product information with text and pictures.
The navigation and appearance of your showroom is attractive and easy to use. It is an ideal place to showcase your company’s products.